“John Tschohl gets it: companies have nothing without customer success.”

– Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce.com

The Internationally Recognized Customer Service Speaker

For the last 45 years, John Tschohl has been solely focused on helping organizations drive a service culture through his technology built on practicality, simplicity, and common sense. With his credibility and focus on empowerment, he has the ability to emotionally communicate the power of the service strategy from top executives to the total workforce.

Tschohl is dynamic, hard-hitting, and inspirational. His experience and “guru” status provide the credibility critical to get management buy-in. He will create an emotional buy-in using measurable data that CEO’s respond to. His books are especially recognized and esteemed by senior executives as the most powerful must-reads in Customer Service. John’s common sense message is built around his 45 years in speaking, designing training programs, and developing a high-performance workforce.

John has been featured on major television shows from Good Morning America, CNBC and PBS to USA Today’s cover story, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines from every corner of the world. John’s technology and books are in 11 languages, represented in over 45 countries, and 90 percent of Service Quality Institute’s business is international.

President of Service Quality Institute

Service Quality Institute is the global leader in helping organizations keep customers, build market share, and improve the performance of the entire workforce so they develop a culture of delivering superior customer service.

SQI is the only company in the world that has enough technology to introduced new programs every four to six months in order to create a culture change and to sustain a commitment to quality service. The dedication to developing new technology and programs will empower your employees and improve customer satisfaction.