Dear All,

“Welcome back from John Tschohl school of Customer Services.

The seminar has come and gone, but one of my achievements was meeting you, perhaps for the first time on planet earth! Your participation and contributions while the seminar lasted made the programme a success. Though John anchored the seminar, but you all facilitated by sharing your experiences. Thanks to you and your organizations.

Marketing my company?
Well, I am sure you know by now that SPEED is of great essence.

Do have a great day. ”

F. The OJO Ayodeji
Briscoe for TOYOTA-
the RT Briscoe [NIGERIA]

June 1, 2012

Dear John,

On behalf of LAZURIT Group of Companies, I want to thank you for the excellent and fruitful cooperation. I applaud your level of professionalism and interpersonal skills. It was a huge honor for us to hear from you, the Guru of Customer Service, about the ways of implementing your perfect strategy. Your conference was a milestone event in the life of our company. It is very complicated to speak about difficult aspects of customer service so that every word is perceived and implemented. You demonstrated with incredible simplicity that nothing is impossible for you. Growing confidence in service quality and in new prospects for further self-improvement of management systems gives me hope for tangible improvement of all production processes and mechanisms for sale of our products.

I believe we will continue to maintain and develop our existing business and friendly relationships, and I hope that we will have a good cooperation in the future. I wish you limitless creative inspiration, every success in work and business, and all the happiness and well-being in the world to you and your family.

Very truly yours,

Sokolov Nikita
of Executive Director of Group is LAZURIT

January 6, 2012

On behalf of the “Lapis” companies thank you for the excellent and fruitful cooperation, as well as express your admiration for the level of professionalism and communication skills. For us it was an honor to hear from you, as a true “service culture guru” of existing ways the embodiment of your perfect working strategy. The seminars have become a very important and significant event in the life of the company.

Talking about the complex so that every word was perceived and outlined the concept started to work extremely hard. But you with incredible ease demonstrated that nothing is impossible for you. Confidence in the growth of quality of service and to open prospects for further self-improvement of the control unit allows me to hope for tangible improvement of the entire mechanism of production and sale of our products in general.

I believe in the preservation of the existing business and friendly relations, and hoping for cooperation in the future. I wish you inspiration and success in work, well-being of your family!

Director of “Lapis”

Sokolov Nikita Y.