North America

Dear John:

I wan to thank you for being a Learning Session Speaker at the 2007 North America Marketing Convention. Your presentation Achieving Excellence/Customer Loyalty was definitely one of the highlights of the Learning Sessions. Your interactive style made the session interesting, and your passion to share best practices and examples of great Customer Service made it entertaining and engaging. Your participation definitely helped bring the learning sessions to a higher level of quality.

Listed below are some of the comments received from the Chevron employees and marketers who attended your presentation.

“I loved his energy.”
“Very motivational! Thank you!”
“Great presentation and delivery. Very useful.”
“Thank you for printing out the slides – good reference for later.”
“Very friendly and personable – I really liked this session.”

Again, thanks for your hard work and support, and much success to you in the future.

Dear John:

Thank you for taking such a key leadership role at IRTA’s 31st International Convention in Pittsburgh.

I was so impressed by your message of the importance of providing top flight customer service in the modern trade and barter industry. I agree with you 110%, we in the modern trade and barter industry are in the service industry and we need to develop programs along the lines that you suggested so as to assure the growth and success of our beloved industry!

I definitely want to talk to you in the near future about using you for some specific training programs. You are a terrific guy with a very worthwhile message that anyone in ther service business should listen to and seriously consider adopting into their own companies!

Thanks again for all your help – you really made the Pittburgh Convention something special!


“John Tschohl gets it: companies have nothing without customer success. John is the guru when it comes to customer service, understanding and explaining how every interaction with a customer can help, or hinder, a company. I intvited him to present his ideas about customer service to my management team and was impressed with his inclusion of how companies can use rapidly growing social technologies to communicate and track customer expectations. John not only shared great ideas, but he also included great examples that impressed upon my team the increasing importance of customer service in this new Social era.”

Marc Benioff

Chairman & CEO of

Dear John:

“Thank you so much for being a keynote speaker for ASQ’s 16th Annual Service Quality Conference in San Diego on October 2nd. Our attendees have given us nothing but positive feedback on your presentation. Your energy and enthusiasm for customer service was contagious and everyone left with at least one new idea to implement in their current customer setting.”