Elena and Maria, Absolut Group

John, there is something else we did like in your session! You have made a big work before the session itself! You checked the phone, checked projects Perviy Moscovskiy and Skolkovo. And all your words were true and full of real information! You know what you’re talking about and words in your seminar are not only words but real life! I just finished conference chat with all the managers and they did feel that you own the detailed information and made a detailed research of how we work! That’s why the information touched all of us! Thank you) it was really awesome!

Janico,  Manager guide

Dear John! I have heard a lot of you as a guru. Your business books are my favorite! Your lecture was brilliant and very useful! Your recommendation will help us to keep leading positions of our company! Thank  you  very much!!  Hope to see you  again!

Oleg, Sales manager

Dear John! Thank you for visiting our office. It was a honour for me to take you to our show­  rooms and tell about the project. I was very happy to hear in your presentation that you liked our decoration, our entrances, and environment. Thank you for your positive feedback and useful  tips  on improving  our client  service and as a result, increasing  sales. I appreciate that you consider   our company to be the leader on the market. I am very grateful, that I was lucky to be the part of  this inspiring performance.  Thank  you very much!!

Diana, Telephone sales manager

Today was an exciting day! I was happy to be on the lecture of legendary John  Tschohl!! All the audience was sitting fascinated because the manner of his explaining things is extraordinary! It was really amazing! He gave us many useful pieces of advice and what is more imp011ant inspired us with his own example to be leaders and win in every situation! I have read all his books, now they are my handbooks. I am happy that I had a chance to get his autograph and make a photo with the guru. His presentation is a fantastic show, and his customer service – oriented approach is a really important thing for every successful company! Thank you very much, John!! This day will be one of the most memorable in my life. Hope you liked Russia, and you will come again!


June 1, 2012

Dear John,

On behalf of LAZURIT Group of Companies, I want to thank you for the excellent and fruitful cooperation. I applaud your level of professionalism and interpersonal skills. It was a huge honor for us to hear from you, the Guru of Customer Service, about the ways of implementing your perfect strategy. Your conference was a milestone event in the life of our company. It is very complicated to speak about difficult aspects of customer service so that every word is perceived and implemented. You demonstrated with incredible simplicity that nothing is impossible for you. Growing confidence in service quality and in new prospects for further self-improvement of management systems gives me hope for tangible improvement of all production processes and mechanisms for sale of our products.

I believe we will continue to maintain and develop our existing business and friendly relationships, and I hope that we will have a good cooperation in the future. I wish you limitless creative inspiration, every success in work and business, and all the happiness and well-being in the world to you and your family.

Very truly yours,

Nikita Sokolov
Executive Director of LAZURIT Group

In a global world where consumer rules supreme, where what industry a company belongs to or what product or service it turns out matters only too little,  where companies race along in competition for the best talent, best technology, and best design, the best service turns out to be the key competitive edge. Out in a marketplace, winners are the companies that not only know how to meet customer needs. Great companies learn how to exceed expectations and provide unrivaled service.

Our Bank is developing its own Sberbank Production System, a unique lean production pattern predominantly predicated upon customer centricity.   That means every customer counts, is valued, and each customer complaint is a gift to our company. We are building up a Bank aspiring to provide excellent massive service.

John Tschohl, the customer service guru, shares his best practices on how to forge a customer centric service company for the future. This book is a gift to all following the Customer and struggling to make their companies into market leaders.

Herman Gref
President and CEO


Dear John,

I want to thank you again for the great seminar which has inspired all of us. It was like drops of petrol which you poured on the sparks inside all of us. And we saw how our people was inspired on the next day of our Session (where we have set a plans for this year).

Our Company Strategy on Service Excellence is already set by Eduard. Now my and Josiah task is to implement it in a right way. And we are sure you will navigate us in a best way J. But my main concern is very typical mentality of our people. They hardly accept any philosophy till they have (see, feel) results L.

Nevertheless I feel we can do that! And we will do!

Looking forward to see you in US.

With me best regards,

Larissa Yermoshkina

HR Director

TECHNODOM Group Company” LLC


January 6, 2012

От лица группы компаний «Лазурит» благодарю Вас за превосходное и плодотворное сотрудничество, а также выражаю восхищение уровнем Вашего профессионализма и коммуникабельности. Для нас было честью услышать от Вас, как истинного «гуру культуры обслуживания», о существующих путях воплощения Вашей безупречно работающей стратегии. Проведенные семинары стали крайне важным и знаковым событием в жизни компании.

Говорить о сложном так, чтобы каждое слово воспринималось, а изложенные концепции начинали работать, крайне непросто. Но Вы с невероятной легкостью продемонстрировали, что для Вас ничего невозможного нет. Уверенность в росте качества сервиса и открывшиеся перспективы дальнейшего самосовершенствования управляющего аппарата позволяют мне надеяться на ощутимые улучшения работы всего механизма по производству и реализации нашей продукции в целом.

Верю в сохранение сложившихся деловых и дружеских отношений, надеясь при этом на сотрудничество в будущем. Желаю Вам творческого вдохновения, успехов в работе, благополучия Вашей семье!

С искренним уважением,
Директор ГК «Лазурит»

Соколов Никита Юрьевич


June 28, 2007

“The Master Class of John Tschohl Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service held in Moscow on November 26, 2006 was a great success. The audience of 200 General Directors, Business Owners, and Customer Care Directors came to learn from John Tschohl about the latest customer management ideas.

John shared his energy, enthusiasm, and trust for the best customer service force. We have received excellent feedback from the delegates. The participants loved his new approach to customer service and were excited to implement his ideas. Being an event organizing company, we enjoyed working with John and invite him to come to Russia again to share his valuable ideas with the Russian audience